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DishMaker: “

Not enough space in your kitchen cabinets? DishMaker is a new kind of appliance that can replace dishes altogether by making cups, bowls, and plates on demand and recycle them when you are done. The DishMaker takes advantage of a little-known shape-memory property of acrylic to enable the recycling of the cleaned dishes. The DishMaker applies heat to the acrylic material and then shapes it into the wanted shape. The device takes up the same amount of space and uses the same amount of energy as a dishwasher, but in turn it replaces most of the cabinets and dishes in the kitchen. The current prototype can produce one dish every 90 seconds and recycle it into different dishes.

DishMaker is created by Leonardo Bonanni from the MIT Media Lab.

Check out the video.

Via LABConfidential.

The DishMaker uses the shape-memory property of acrylic to enable the creation of recyclable dishes.

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